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How to Hire a Property Clearance Company for Your Premises
12May 2015

Hiring a property clearance company for your premises is something that you may have considered looking into. You may have had some work done and you may be wondering how to have everything cleared out in a professional manner. Things lying around aren’t always safe as they may pose a safety hazard and people can trip all over them. That can include building waste clearance and things that builders typically leave behind like old boots, bags of used cement and bricks. Due to the fact that most of the stuff that is left behind is of an industrial nature, you need professionals to clear everything out for you. However, what if you have never hired a clearance company to do your clearing for you? Naturally, you will have some questions. You will want to know how much it costs and how long it takes among other things. We have compiled a list of points that will help you navigate the unchartered territory of hiring a company that delivers the clearance service:

•    Make a checklist of everything that needs clearing out. You will be able to hire a company much faster for your commercial clearance when you have a list of what needs clearing. A lot of times, companies are hired and then end up quoting you a very steep price because you have not made a proper list of what it is that needs to be taken out. Will it be just wallpaper and cement bags, or larger debris and possibly hazardous substances?

•    Clearance companies are often LTD companies that include a 20% surcharge for VAT when they present you the final bill. Always ask the company to include VAT because it is very common for a company to quote you and then stick in the VAT right at the end, giving you a nasty surprise. Avoid this by always asking upfront, thus making it easier for you to decide if you want to hire the company or not.

•    Waste removal companies often operate on a deposit basis for the most part, however you will come across companies that don’t want the money until they have completed the job. Always ask the company how they prefer to receive payment, if it is cash or via card or even bank transfer. You want to do business with a company that you like and trust. This should be established before you choose to book with the company.

    Always ensure that every member of staff that is coming to help you with the rubbish removal at your premises is both qualified and experienced not to mention licensed. Doing a property clearance often involves industrial strength type of waste, so you need to make sure that anyone who turns up to your place knows what they are doing. You can verify this on their website or from general reviews about them online. If people have had bad experiences with a company, you can typically find out online and save yourself the hassle and the headache of finding out the hard way.

•    If possible, attempt to have your friends or family recommend you a company to save you the hassle trying to find one by yourself. You will definitely know someone who has had a clearance experience with a company and it is always wise to ask them for help.